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Document automation

Law firms are responsible for creating numerous legal documents every day. Without streamlined, automated processes, lawyers spend a significant amount of time on manual drafting tasks when they could be focusing on larger tasks at hand.

Streamline the creation of legal documents

Law firms globally are experiencing a shift in how their clients view superior legal service delivery. Today鈥檚 clients demand more from law firms and are less willing to wait. They expect speed and efficiency from their lawyers and will bring their requests elsewhere if the firm doesn鈥檛 meet their standards. 

While efficiency correlates most strongly with client satisfaction, consistency, and innovation also provide opportunities for law firms to differentiate themselves from their competition.鈥 Document automation solutions from Thomson Reuters can help law firms transform manual processes, deliver first drafts faster, and ensure consistency and compliance with firm best practices. 

With Thomson Reuters solutions, your firm will have a competitive edge that will attract customers and still leave time for your team to focus on the larger tasks. 

Simplify your document automation workflow

Thomson Reuters document automation solutions help law firms streamline and automate the creation of legal documents.

Superior service delivery

Law firms are losing business to firms that leverage document automation technology. In addition, firms鈥 reputations are at risk if they cannot provide quick responses to their clients and mitigate mistakes.

Drive operational efficiencies and deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your clients with document automation.

Consistency and compliance

Law firms must ensure they provide consistent documentation that also meets regulatory compliance needs across the firm.

Automate document generation to ensure consistency and compliance with firm standards and industry best practises.

Workflow and process automation

Creating documents is a manual and repetitive process, which impacts job satisfaction and employee retention due to time spent on low-value, time-consuming work.

Streamline the creation and approval of standardised contracts and documents from where data sits for fast, simple, and agile usage.

Increase efficiency and deliver competitive offerings to your clients

Law firms use Thomson Reuters document automation solutions to streamline and simplify the generation of documents.

Featured insights on聽document automation

Understand the powerful impact document automation tools can have on your firm.

Document automation solutions

Drive operational efficiencies and deliver high-quality services to your clients.

How can document automation help your department become more efficient?

  • 72%
    Create first drafts up to 72% faster than manual creation
  • 56%
    On average, lawyers without an automation tool spend up to 56% of their time drafting

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