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Learning Centre

Discover Thomson Reuters鈥檚 Learning Centre an聽online platform for accounting firms. For more information, contact us at:
1 866 653 8629 or DT-sales@thomsonreuters.com

The Learning Centre, an online platform for accounting firms

The Learning Centre offers a wide variety of online training as well as customized training programs designed for you and all the members of your firm.

Learning Centre

Content hub

Access all training content in one single place.

Variety of training

The Learning Center offers a course management system, instructor-led courses, tutorials, e-learning, supplemental materials and more.

Take your classes according to your schedule

You can access your learning plan at any time and take your courses at your own pace.

To learn more or speak to one of our product specialists, please contact 1 866 653-8629 or DT-sales@thomsonreuters.com.

Note: The events found on this page are intended for anyone not currently using the products listed.

Call us at 1 866 653 8629

for any inquiries about pricing for the DT Professional Suite products, or write us at